Tips to Keep Employees Focused During the Holidays

Michele Warg
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The holidays are quickly approaching! Yes it’s the season of togetherness and joy but it can also be a very stressful time inside and outside the workplace. We have to worry about buying and wrapping gifts, sending out holiday cards to friends and business acquaintances, managing work schedules, and the list goes on and on. During this frantic time, it is very easy for employees to get distracted. Below are just a few helpful tips to help keep them focused at work during the holidays: Celebrate Accomplishments and Emphasize Year End Goals It can be helpful to hold an informal company meeting to let people know what the company has accomplished this year and what still needs to be accomplished before the end of the year. Reinforce that the success of the company comes from everyone working together, not just from a few individuals. This approach will help build enthusiasm and continue momentum. Talking to employees about their individual goals for the rest of the year and next year is also important, especially if their annual review is conducted at year-end. Be a Model Manager Managers always want to set a good example for their employees. Employees know that managers are feeling that “year-end stress,” so it is important that managers continue to exhibit strong leadership abilities at this critical time. Managers should set a good example by arriving to work on time, stay focused on achieving and exceeding corporate goals, helping individuals to achieve their individual goals and being available to members of their team. Schedule Festivities Keep employee morale high by creating a fun work environment. Bring holiday treats, decorate the office, or host a gift exchange. It is also important to recognize and reward employees for their hard work over the past year. Acknowledge Accomplishments Thank your employees for all the hard work that they have done over the year. By making them feel appreciated and worthy of recognition, they will be more likely to forget about all the stress that comes with the holiday season and stay focused on their jobs. Plan & Organize The end of the year is also a good time to organize and plan for the New Year. Schedule a meeting with your team and share ideas on how to best organize the office, get rid of clutter and brainstorm on new processes to increase productivity in the New Year. This will generate new ideas, encourage teamwork and give you a great head start. Stay focused and have a great holiday season!

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