What to Expect When Taking Administrative Assessment Tests

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It’s not easy landing an administrative job these days. The competition is fierce and companies have tons of candidates with experience and degrees to fill each job.

To get the best of the best, some firms and HR divisions have resorted to a variety of culling techniques. Among these is the Administrative Assessment Test. These are becoming increasingly popular, especially today when too many candidates are chasing too few jobs. It’s simply a way to weed out average performers. 


After you submit your resume and survive the interview (not an easy task these days), you may be asked to take one of these assessment tests. They help employers evaluate your skill level in various clerical areas. During these tests, you may be asked to perform any number of clerical tasks. 


If you're applying for a position in administrative support, you might be asked to demonstrate your skills in typing, data entry, spelling, transcription, shorthand, filing, ten-key, coding and proofreading. You may also be asked to show your comfort level with specific software and email programs. Your familiarity with AV systems and Internet protocols may also be evaluated. In addition, there are employment screening tests that help identify top-performers for administrative assistant and executive assistant jobs. These tests evaluate a candidate for:

  • Cognitive Abilities
  • Organizational Skills
  • Assertiveness
  • Following of Rules
  • Extroversion
  • Emotional Stability
  • Team Orientation

The thing to remember here is that even if you don't score high on these tests, your solid resume, good interview and admin experience may still get you that job (needless to say, you will have to pass all reference checks). Chances are, you'll undergo some training anyway, since each company has different protocols and procedures for their admin staff.


If you're still worried about passing your assessment test, you can brush up on your skills by taking practice tests. Sites like measuremyskills.com offer practice tests you can take for anywhere from $10 and $20. You might also consider taking a college course in typing, shorthand or keyboarding.


Keep in mind that the key to landing any job is your personality and your ability to get along and work well with your boss and co-workers. So while a high admin assessment test score may get you in the door, whether you keep your job depends on how well you “play with others.”




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  • Quenna Neal
    Quenna Neal
    Thank you for this article. It really hit home. I have worked at the same place for over 26 years and now getting back in the job search field. I have been worrying about all the above comments that you have shared. My goal is to use all your comments to my advantage.
  • Alex Kecskes
    Alex Kecskes
    Thanks for your kind comments. There are a number of sites that offer these tests:http://compatibility.hearts2.com/questions~testing-administrative-assistant-test~t-100.htmlhttp://softwaretopic.informer.com/free-administrative-assessment-test/
  • Patricia F
    Patricia F
    very helpful.  I would be interested in taking any free assessment tests.
  • Dolores D
    Dolores D
    It was very informative for me.
  • Laurinda O
    Laurinda O
    Very helpful!  Are there any sites that may offer these tests for free?  Thanks for the article.
  • kenneth m
    kenneth m
    this is not fair to do an assessment test to see if you are right for the job. back in the day when you went for a job interview more than likely you would get the job. but now since these test came out i feel its discrimination against you. that is why its very hard to get a job because of this i been out of work for 10 months because of these testsand again its not fair. they need to do away with these tests. this is total madness and who have to think like them. be like them . act like themcongress needs to do away with these tests and put america back to work before more people become homeless and these tests will do it to the honest people that had real jobs
  • Josie S
    Josie S
    I want to thank you for this article, I have been on some interviews lately and did not do well in them, I have more confidence now that I know what to expect now when I go on interviews.
  • Elisa C
    Elisa C
    This is great  information.  I now know how to prepare especially because this is a career change for me. It  offers some insight..
  • Gaenelle C
    Gaenelle C
    Truly this email was good information to inform you and prepare yourself to further yourselve in the interview process. Being able to refresh your knowledge before taking these assessment tests.
  • Ronda G
    Ronda G
    I think this article is "right on the money" when it comes to landing an Admin. Job. I have experience and I'm a recent graduate, working with a staffing agency to find a job (even part-time) and continue to earn my next degree.. The last interview I was on, made me feel like I was interrogated. One company looking for a temp., didn't specify what they were looking for in a specific test; this case, Microsoft Excel.  While I was proficient for the basic use of the program, I didn't score a 90 or higher, which is what they were looking for.  Now, I really want to know Excel, and I'm considering taking a class. Thank you for this article.
  • Ana-Carolina M
    Ana-Carolina M
    The information is useful.  It would be interesting to know if and where these tests can be taken so they are accepted by prospective employers.
    Good article, and I just went through this type of screening.  At 60 years old, it is really scary to realize the field of job searchers that I am going up against.  By the way; I got the job.
  • Sandra D
    Sandra D
    You might want to advise people where they can take the practice test at no cost.  Keeping in mind that many of us have been unemployed for some time now and do not have 10 or 20 dollars to take a PRACTICE TEST.
  • Dianne S
    Dianne S
    Very helpful, Thanks!
  • Alex Kecskes
    Alex Kecskes
    Thank you for your comments. I wish you the best of luck in taking these assessment tests.  As for sample tests, check out:http://camosun.ca/services/assessment/sample.html
  • Jennie M
    Jennie M
    Very helpful!
  • Elizabeth M
    Elizabeth M
    I really appreciated this article and felt it was informative and helpful. I just was sent a series of tests for this very reason. Only wish I had had this prior to being asked to take the tests, because it would have helped me prepare more mentally for the better results; still it is a very insightful article .Thank you for the heads up.
  • Nathalie H
    Nathalie H
    Great! Bring them on!Nathalie
  • Catherine S
    Catherine S
    Very positive article and good to know you can brush up on your skills by taking practice tests.  Are there any sites you know of that might be free samples of the types of assessment questions they may give?  Thanks for the information.  

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