Your Annoying Work Habits

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 We all know how your co-workers habits can be so annoying but have you stopped to think how annoying yours may be to someone else?  Yes, I know, there isn’t anything that you could be doing that would be considered annoying, right?  Let’s check out some habits and see if any of these could be something you’re doing that is driving someone else crazy.


1.     Personal phone calls:  You’re talking away, not realizing that your voice is carrying and all of a sudden your co -worker pops up over her cubicle and says that she really doesn’t care how your Aunt Mary is doing, please keep your voice down!  Was your voice a little too loud?  Personal phone calls should be taken to in the hall or only taken in an emergency.  You aren’t being paid to talk on the phone.  How about your ring tone?  Is it something obnoxious that jolts everyone else around you?  Put your phone on silent, please.  Not everyone has the same taste in ringtones.


2.    Lunch:  How could there possibly be a problem with lunch?  Well, did you bring in the tuna noodle casserole you had last night for lunch?  Tuna in a lunch room really isn’t a very pleasant smell.  What about all that garlic on your pizza?  Not only is it in the air but it’s on your breath.  Double whammo!  Don’t forget to clean up your lunch area either.  No one wants to sit down in someone else’s crumbs and sticky beverage rings.  Also, don’t leave your left overs in the fridge for two weeks either..yuck!


3.      Gum popping:  Yes, I know, you had that garlic for lunch and now you want to cover that odor.  That’s fine, just don’t be sitting there snapping and cracking your gum.  The person next to you is trying to concentrate and all they can hear is you popping your  gum.  Bad move on your part.


4.      Coming to work sick:  Okay, you’re sick.  You’re sneezing, coughing and wheezing, even your production is down because you feel so rotten.  Why are you at work?  No one else wants to get your sickness.  By coming to work with something contagious, you are infecting the entire work staff.  Now it will spread to everyone else and there will be call offs for the next two weeks.  Do you think your boss or colleagues really appreciate that?


5.      Office Gossip:  Did you hear the latest about the secretary down on three?  Gossiping at work is not only wasting your's and the person’s time you’re talking to, but it can be harmful.  Gossip has been known to have people fired, their reputation shredded and marriages ended.  Think before you open your mouth to spread the latest juicy piece.  Who knows, the next round may be about you.


6.      Being on the team: yes, you’re on the team but are you pulling your weight?  Or are you letting everyone else do the work while you make excuses.  But I bet you’re there when the credit is passed around, aren’t you?  If you’re on the team, be a player and do your part.


These are just a few bad habits that can make your co- workers lives miserable.  Try to make sure that you aren’t guilty of any of these.  After all, you do spend eight hours a day, 5 days a week with these people.  How about making it a little more pleasant for everyone else?


If you know of bad habits that annoy you, let me know with your comment!



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