(rahy-ting) (n.)

The practice of producing written materials for media use. Writers in the communication field develop and implement a wide range of editorial projects for internal and external audiences. Writers conduct research, write drafts, proofread and edit a variety of written communications such as memos, press releases, marketing plans, newsletter, websites, client proposals and communication plans. They conduct fact checks on all documentation and sources and collaborate with team members from other departments to resolve content issues. They may also work closely with clients to collect data and get feedback.

Writers must have excellent organization, communication, editing and proofreading skills. They must be time-conscious and able to provide work of superior quality in fast-paced, time-sensitive environments, where they work on various projects simultaneously. They must be good researchers, possess a keen eye for detail, and be able to convey information accurately. They must also have good analytical and reasoning skills and be able follow detailed instructions and work independently. Writers can also benefit from good strategic vision, as they play an integral role in communications and are sometimes involved in social media and press outreach.

These writers are expected to possess a bachelor's degree in English, communications, public relations, marketing, journalism or a business-related field. They can also gain traction from experience in a similar capacity, in roles such as journalists or speechwriters. Computer literacy is imperative, and they should have basic technical skills, such as proficiency with HTML and Microsoft Office products and working knowledge of SEO and keyword integration. Some employers may also require applicants to present writing samples, take writing tests and learn specific company applications and software.


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