Community Outreach

(kuh-myoo-ni-tee out-reech) (n.)

The practice of offering support to community members. Community outreach workers may work for cities, counties or school districts. They distribute informational material on services available to the residents, and they serve as liaisons between the residents and the agencies providing the social services.

Community outreach workers help their clients schedule appointments with program providers, and they may assist program employees in conducting follow-up services for clients. Community outreach workers may also be responsible for establishing and maintaining contact with clients' families, and they may coordinate any transportation or childcare services necessary to allow clients to receive services. They also gather community data and assess program effectiveness and the need for increased or additional services and community resources.

Community outreach workers should have excellent computer skills, which are necessary for performing work assignments. They also must communicate effectively in written and oral forms and be able to conduct effective interviews. Community outreach workers should possess knowledge of available community and program services, and they should also be familiar with health and social issues.

The minimum acceptable training and experience may be a combination of a high school or a general education diploma with prior work experience in the fields of social service or community service. A valid operator's license may also be required. Community outreach worker candidates generally must pass a background check. Employment with a school district requires clearance from the particular state's education department and includes a criminal history background and a fingerprint check.#BR#


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