Your employer account is loaded with free content and services, including a comprehensive Applicant Tracking System. This includes your own Corporate Career Site with free job postings.

The Corporate Career Site is yours to independently customize and manage. Customization features allow you to edit site text, add your own links, custom framework, and more. You can also change the colors of your site and add a logo to enforce your brand identity and embody the look and feel of your existing company website. View Customization Guide

Best of all, you will be able to post jobs to your Corporate Career Site for free. Candidates can search, view and apply to job postings at their convenience online.

You can link your Corporate Career Site to your existing company website and attract candidates with interest in and knowledge of your company. Once your candidates submit their resumes, the information is instantly available from your Recruiting Desktop, the back-end data management center of our Applicant Tracking System.

You can post jobs for free to your Corporate Career Site, take advantage of paid targeted job advertising across the Beyond Network, or both. Simply activate your Corporate Career Site first and then your jobs will automatically be posted to it. If you would like paid targeted job advertising, choose the recruitment plan that fits your hiring needs.

Features Include:

Job Postings to Your Site

Customization Features

Seamless Integration

24/7 Online Candidate Application

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