Retail Customer Service

(ree-teyl kuhs-tuh-mer sur-vis) (n.)

The practice of providing support to, and interacting with, customers in a retail setting. Customer service specialists answer customer questions, address complaints and welcome new customers into stores. Their main concerns are creating a positive customer experience and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Customer service specialists receive direct calls, return messages and arrange pick-up schedules with clients. They also ensure that front counter supplies are properly arranged and that inventories are in their designated places. In the apparel and cosmetics industries, they are responsible for organizing merchandise and for promoting product and designer brands.

Customer service specialists communicate and coordinate with other departments for transactions involving the processing of orders, forms, applications and direct requests. They see to it that any issues concerning their products and services are referred to the concerned party. In addition, they keep a record of all interactions and transactions with customers. In performing their duties, customer service specialists keep the needs and demands of customers in mind. They also keep track of recent trends and developments in products and technology, so they can add value to the products they provide. Customer service specialists work to help customers understand the benefits offered by the products and services they represent. They also address any concerns customers might have about their services.

The minimum qualification for a customer service specialist is a high school diploma. In some cases, a degree in general education is sufficient. At any rate, customer service specialists are expected to have excellent communication skills and in-depth knowledge of customer service principles and basic computer applications.


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